Case Study: CliPLab Develops and Implements a Clinical SAS Intensive Training

March 20, 2018



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CliPLab (Clinical Professional Laboratory) is Cytel’s premier training initiative for bridging the skills gap in biometrics and analytics within clinical development. Leveraging Cytel’s experience and reputation in biostatistics and clinical biometrics, the organization provides practical learning modules in clinical SAS programming, biostatistics, data management, pharmacovigilance, scientific medical writing, key therapeutic areas and crucial soft skills. With learning programs led by experienced trainers, CliPLab engages both with individual students, and companies (e.g. biopharma, CROs) needing to support and augment their internal training programs.

In this blog we share a case study of how CliPLab supported a pharmaceutical customer with a tailored SAS training program for a cohort of new graduate recruits. 


Our client, a global healthcare leader was onboarding a cohort of new graduate joiners and needed to train them in SAS. Rather than a generic SAS learning program, they were looking for specialized training that used examples from the clinical environment. Their key objective was to ensure that trainees would be able to work independently after completing the clinical SAS training with the skills to be deployed immediately on live projects. The client requested a 10-day CliPLab training module, to be incorporated into a global, internal training program that had already been fixed in the calendar.



Because of the prescheduled internal training, there was limited flexibility for the module to extend its duration.
The training needed to introduce the concept of SDTM data standards to a novice group.
The program needed to accommodate 40 learners within one group.

The CliPLab team developed a tailored training package based on topics selected by the client.
The course incorporated 50 hours of classroom training, 35 hours of practice sessions, and 10 interactive case studies to cover the key training areas required.
Two trainers were assigned with more than 7 years’ work experience and led two parallel sessions with 20 students each.
Dedicated sessions on SDTM data standards were incorporated into the session.

After 12-days training, the client was able to onboard 40 new graduate joiners who had an understanding of both SAS and SDTM.
The graduates were able to begin on live work assignments for the client after completion of the course.

noun_252412_00529c.pngSuccess Factors
CliPLab’s flexible approach towards curriculum design allowed the client to tailor topics to suit their training needs.
The training was built around case study examples that helped the students gain familiarity with a real-life statistical programming environment.
The quality and experience of trainers (with more than 7 years of Clinical SAS experience each) allowed them to engage effectively with the graduate learners.

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