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Bayesian Methods across the Clinical Development Journey

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Bayesian methods, with their ability to facilitate flexibility and learning, are often associated with early-phase clinical trials. Yet there are also many strategic uses of Bayesian methods in late-phase clinical trial design, which can help generate more effective, efficient, and ethical clinical trials.

Our second Winter Weekend Read, “Sufficient Information Threshold for Effective Bayesian Applications: The Effective, Efficient, and Ethical Way Forward,” by Pantelis Vlachos, Kyle Wathen, Esha Senchaudhuri, and Yannis Jemiai, discusses the uses of Bayesian predictive probability across the clinical development journey, in particular approximating the Sufficient Information Threshold and how it can be used for strategic clinical trial design.

Click below to access the full position paper and learn more about:

  • The Sufficient Information Threshold and the Sufficient Efficacy Information Threshold
  • Bayesian predictive probability methods
  • Unplanned early stopping in early phase clinical trials
  • Bayesian methods in late-phase clinical trials

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