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Join Cytel and Ingress Health at Virtual ISPOR Europe 2020

Cytel and Ingress Health (now a Cytel company) will be contributing to a range of events at Virtual ISPOR EUROPE 2020, on November 16th – November 19th. Our Real-World analytics teams will be collaborating to deliver a number of interactive workshops, issue panels, posters and podiums to showcase their work and share innovative insights in HEOR, evidence generation, knowledge synthesis and decision analysis.

Click below to download our full list of sessions at ISPOR EUROPE and feel free to share this brochure with any colleagues who may find our sessions insightful.

download the  sessions schedule

With digitalization and an abundance of new data sources, drug development is entering a new era with regulators and payers looking to incorporate real-world data to inform decision-making. Cytel’s team of advanced analytics experts are dedicated to helping our clients transform intelligence into confident research decisions to prove their product's value.

At ISPOR Europe 2020, our presentations will focus on a broad range of therapeutic areas including COVID-19, oncology, rare disease, cardiovascular and diabetes, among others. Here are some of the sessions you can watch out for:

Issue Panel: Reflecting on the Failures of Real World Data in COVID-19 – Should Global Health Learn from Oncology or Are the COVID-19 Real World Data Challenges Too Unique?

This Panel will address the current shortcomings of Real World studies in COVID-19 and how the experience and technologies already available in areas like oncology may aid to ensure the feasibility, validity and relevance of future COVID-19 Real World studies. Key questions to be addressed are:

  1. What are the key challenges of logistics and data validity that currently exist in academic, non-for-profit, and commercially available COVID-19 Real World Data?
  2. What are the technologies and processes that have or are being developed to address these issues and what are the realistic timelines?
  3. In this unprecedented research pace, what is the appropriate balance between retrospective and prospective data collection?
  4. Which technologies already exist for oncology Real World Data that have not adequately been utilized in COVID-19 and what are the major reasons for this?

Bridging The Gap Between Clinical Trials And Real World Data: Evidence On Replicability Of Efficacy Results Using German Claims Data

The conference attendees can access this on demand session by Marco Ghiani, Senior Lead, RWE & Evidence Synthesis, Thomas Wilke, Principal Scientist, and Bart Heeg, VP, HEOR. Bart and Thomas together founded and grew Ingress-health, a European health care consultancy, since early 2015.

In this podium presentation, our subject matter experts present an analysis on whether we can replicate the comparative effectiveness that we see in a trial, based on a German claims analysis. The presentation will showcase the promise of real-world evidence being potentially informative for trials.

Our other presentations will include one on the different frameworks for conducting immature survival extrapolations, as there are so many methods that can be used; one about network meta-analysis and the different methods that can be used, and another about different methodologies to fit parametric distributions over survival data. Typically, that is done with MLE, we will present three alternative approaches which might result in more clinical plausible extrapolations.

Click below to download our full list of sessions at ISPOR EU.

download the  sessions schedule

We look forward to seeing you at the virtual conference.


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