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COVID-19 Trial Tracker Updates (November 9)


As the evolving COVID-19 pandemic continues, the Cytel COVID-19 Trial Tracker continues to bring you an up to the minute, real time dashboard about COVID-19 trials around the world. In this blog, we bring you the updates from this week.

There are 2462 registered trials as on today.

Currently about 1260 trials are recruiting globally and 298 have completed. Most of the trials currently recruiting are based in the United States and in Europe in Spain, United Kingdom and France. The top therapies recruiting in the United States are hydroxychloroquine, Plasma based therapy and mAb. The United States is also still leading the pack in numbers of trials for hydroxychloroquine and Plasma based therapy. 

Approximately 24% of all trials globally that are recruiting currently are based in the United States. The United States has completed 17 trials and has another set of vaccines that are near completion.

For more information on the Cytel COVID-19 Trial Tracker click below.

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Given the range of potential clinical trial disruptions due to COVID-19, Cytel’s experienced team of statisticians and data scientists can work with you to identify any potential challenges and complications you may be facing. Our team of experts can support you by providing a range of solutions to overcome your toughest challenges and get your trial back on track.

Cytel’s software is helping customers more efficiently design adaptive trials for COVID-19, more accurately analyze small or skewed datasets, and forecast future enrollment for all ongoing trials in the face of so much uncertainty.

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