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Top Perspectives Articles of 2022

Perspectives on Enquiry and Evidence explores a wide variety of topics within clinical trial design and data science in the form of expert articles, interviews, ebooks, and more. Here are some of our most read posts of 2022. Make sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter below to stay up to date on the latest thought leadership in clinical trial design and data science.


  1. Career Perspectives: Interview with Jessica Bhoyroo, Clinical Data Manager
  2. Watch out, the FDA Rejection Criteria are Now in Place
  3. Using Quantitative Bias Analysis in Real World Data Strategy
  4. Career Perspectives: Reflecting at 10 Years in Cytel FSP
  5. Measuring Estimates and Confidence Intervals in Adaptive settings?
  6. Career Perspectives: Interview with Charles Warne, Associate Director of Biostatistics
  7. Joshua Schultz on the Evolution of Cytel
  8. Cyrus Mehta on the Founding of Cytel
  9. Raising Awareness for Additional FDA Data Submission Recommendations (Part I)
  10. What’s Ahead for Clinical Trial Design?
  11. Reinventing Clinical Trial Design: Digital Development
  12. How to Overcome Common Challenges to Patient Recruitment Projections
  13. How to conduct better time-to-event analysis with delayed treatment effects
  14. Platform Trials, Master Protocols, and Challenges in Execution
  15. Bayesian Adaptive Clinical Trial Designs: INLA vs. MCMC
  16. How and Why to Implement Optimal Adaptive Promising Zone Designs


Thank you to all of our contributors and readers for a fantastic year!

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