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A Spotlight on Our Scientific Community


At the end of every year, scientists from across Cytel’s business units are nominated for Cytel’s Spotlight Awards, which highlight significant contributions to biostatistics, innovative design, comparative effectiveness research, and real-world evidence. Every year, we are inspired to see our researchers living up to the ideals of scientific rigor and analytical excellence which enables us to live up to our ethos of making human impact. This year we chose to honor 8 younger scientists whose collective output spans contributions to complex designs, Bayesian methods, dose-finding models, and modeling the economic burden of disease.

There are many others whose contributions were also excellent, and I am saddened that we could not recognize every nominee. Still, I am excited by the enthusiasm they bring to our collective work. Our global community of nearly 300 scientists consistently publishes in Tier 1 journals; present their findings at research conferences across North America, Europe and Asia; and find meaningful ways to extend the discourse, even in pandemic years.

Congratulations to all and thank you for helping us push boundaries, together!

Christina Kwon
“Contributions to Systematic Literature Reviews and use of Real World Evidence to support disease understanding and economic burden:

Stacy Grieve
“Contributions to Systematic Literature Reviews to support disease understanding and economic burden:

Michael Groff
“Contributions to methodology for comparative effectiveness research:

Ofir Harari
“Contributions to Master Protocols design and COVID-19 clinical research:

Marco Ghiani
“Contributions to Health Outcomes Economic Research:

Alind Gupta
“Contributions to methodology for comparative effectiveness research and the use of real world data:

Pranav Yajnik
“Contributions to Bayesian adaptive designs in clinical research:

Shijie Yuan
“Contributions to innovative dose-finding clinical trials in oncology:

About Yannis Jemiai

Yannis_JemiaiYannis Jemiai has a pivotal role within Cytel as Chief Scientific Officer he has oversight for the corporate-level Scientific Agenda which includes establishing research portfolios in Bayesian, small sample, and other flexible designs; as well as complex innovative designs including adaptive trials, master protocols and MAMS. Yannis also has an extensive portfolio of research in adaptive trial design, financial and pharmaceutical strategy, decision theory, and regulatory affairs.

His own research has been published in numerous statistical journals. Dr. Jemiai earned his Ph.D. from Harvard University, an M.P.H. from Columbia University, and a B.A. in Molecular and Cellular Biology also from Harvard.


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