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Meet the Author

Mansha Sachdev

Senior Manager, Content Marketing

Mansha Sachdev specializes in content creation and knowledge management. She holds an MBA degree and has over 13 years of experience in handling various facets of marketing, across industries. At Cytel, Mansha is a Senior Content Marketing Manager and is responsible for producing informative content that is related to the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries.


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Understanding Head-to-Head Clinical Trials

Two therapies are placed in head-to-head clinical trials when they are compared against each other as opposed to a...
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Bayesian Approach in Oncology Trials

People think in Bayesian terms all the time: we use prior information and the evidence at hand to make decisions in our...
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Career Perspectives: Interview with Allison Luccock

In this edition of the Career Perspectives series, I interview Allison Luccock, Director of Business Operations for...
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