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Top Adaptive Clinical Trial Topics of 2022

Adaptive trial designs – that is, trials that include a prospectively planned modification based on an interim analysis – have been traditionally associated with greater efficiency and better prospects for patients without compromising statistical rigor, and new holistic approaches to creating these designs are making room for transformative, even revolutionary, changes to strategic drug development.

Adaptive clinical trial topics are frequently explored in Perspectives on Enquiry and Evidence. Here are some of our most-read articles on adaptive clinical trials of 2022. Make sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter below to stay up to date on the latest thought leadership in clinical trial design.


  1. Industry Voices: Talk with Albert Kim on Simulation-Guided Design
  2. Adaptive Trials at the Mainstream of Drug Development
  3. How to Use and Interpret the Results of a Platform Trial
  4. Platform Trials, Can they Benefit Animal Studies?
  5. Nitin Patel on 35 Years of Technological Innovation
  6. Joshua Schultz on the Evolution of Cytel
  7. Cyrus Mehta on the Founding of Cytel


And here are some of our top posts on adaptive clinical trials from previous years that continued to be some of our most read throughout 2022:


  1. Seamless Adaptive Clinical Trials: What’s really at stake?
  2. Improve Trial Design with Sequential Design and Sample Size
  3. The Meta-Analytic-Predictive Priors Generation and Comparisons
  4. Key Design Considerations for Platform Trials
  5. The Promising Zone Ten Years Later
  6. Key Design Thoughts for Basket Trials and Umbrella Trials by Jay Park
  7. Role of Prediction and Causal Inference in Clinical Research

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