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Strategic Clinical Trial Design Unlocks Innovative Funding Opportunity

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A small biotech’s conventional carcinoma trial design was too expensive to implement and did not offer the opportunity to stage-gate the funding. However, Cytel’s trial design experts were able to help identify a trial design that reduced costs, increased returns for investors, and did not require higher operating costs.

Our third Winter Weekend Read is a case study demonstrating how our trial design experts, using Solara’s powerful simulation and modeling capabilities, simulated tens of thousands of designs in minutes to quickly identify the most efficient trial designs given the sponsor’s commitments to a highly powered trial and an operational design that needed fewer sites and patients. Download this complimentary case study to learn more about:

  • Staged investment strategies driving innovative financing — how can an interim look lower financial risk?
  • Innovation as the key to optimal trial design — how much can a trial accelerate with the right statistical insight and high compute power?
  • Balancing innovation with operations — how can sponsors balance the need for mitigated financial risks with other elements of clinical operations?
  • The Solara solution

“Stage-gating investments require innovative designs. Finding innovative designs that are simple to operationalize requires the type of rapid design generation facilitated by Solara.”
— Biotech CMO

Click below to download Strategic Clinical Trial Design Unlocks Innovative Funding Opportunity:


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