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Focal Points and Monetization: New Uses of Pareto Frontiers in Clinical Development

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For clinical development and research and development teams, the Pareto Frontier can perform two functions. Let’s take a closer look:

Briefly, designs are considered Pareto Optimal when there is no way to improve on any one design parameter without worsening another, and the Pareto Frontier describes a set of Pareto Optimal designs that can be evaluated on how well they align with previously determined values.

So what are some functional uses of the Pareto Frontier?

Creating a Focal Point

First, the Pareto Frontier can help determine which designs to focus on when choosing between multiple designs. With powerful simulation technology and an overwhelming number of potential designs to choose from, using the Pareto Frontier as a focal point helps ensure a chosen trial design doesn’t overlook a clear gain at zero cost.

Maximizing Performance Criteria

Second, the Pareto Frontier can offer an alternative path to selecting the best clinical trial design by helping identify designs that maximize key criteria, such as time-to-market, cost of operations, and likelihood of a return on investment, without trying to combine them in a single measure.

To learn more about the Pareto Frontier and Pareto Optimal designs, including a more in-depth discussion of their functional uses, download our position paper, “Identifying Choice Trial Designs Using Pareto”:


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