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Driving Global Data Collaboration for COVID-19

The International COVID-19 Data Alliance (ICODA) was formed to address the challenge of generating rapid and rigorous evidence for decision-making for the treatment of COVID-19. Their Statistical Expert Group promotes and facilitates open research that allows responsible sharing of data, analysis methods, and high-quality results to support dissemination of knowledge worldwide. The Chair of the ICODA Statistical Expert Group, Jonas Häggström is the Vice President of Global Health at Cytel, and he will be presenting as a keynote speaker at the PSI conference, 2022.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to several transformational changes in the pharmaceutical industry. One of the potential effects of these changes is the more strategic use of real-world evidence to support evidence generation for regulatory approval of clinical trials. Data-enabled decision-making has the potential to offer significant benefits to patients, health systems and society as a whole; however, in order to fully capitalize on this, more data need to be made available. [1]

ICODA is an open and inclusive global coordinated, health data-led research initiative bringing together for- and non-profit companies and organizations working collaboratively to enable and empower researchers to access RCT and real-world health data in a responsible way. They use innovative data science, contemporary tools and technology to accelerate knowledge of the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

At the PSI conference, Jonas Häggström will present on the ICODA journey from its inauguration in July 2020 to the current state with 12 driver projects, including more than 130 researchers, working on data from over 40 different countries. Jonas will share the experience of successfully bringing different companies and non-profit organizations to collaborate towards a common goal, and specifically how statistician played an essential role to make it happen. He will also present results from one of the ICODA projects evaluating the efficacy and safety of COVID-19 of existing medical interventions to support drug repurposing efforts.

Join us at PSI conference to learn more about how Cytel is leading the charge in statistical innovation for global health.

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[1] Life after COVID-19: R WE going to help? 

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