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Optimizing Human-Machine Partnership for Up-To-Date Evidence

If you are a pharmaceutical or biotech company seeking to enter the market with a new drug, you need to submit a systematic literature review (SLR) to the health authorities. SLR is critical to ensure that an HTA (Health Technology Assessment) submission contains all the relevant data about your product’s safety and efficacy, its impact on quality of life and the economic burden of disease lifted by its use. However, one of the biggest challenges many sponsors face is that most SLRs become out of date at the time of submission due to the rapidly evolving landscape of medical discovery. Conventional SLRs that are perhaps annually updated are unable to capture relevant, newly published evidence.

As updating the SLR manually can be costly and time-consuming, several companies have begun to use artificial intelligence to scan new evidence. However, automation in this area is not as advanced as it needs to be for sound insights and can affect the quality of the SLRs. Sponsors are therefore left to choose between a poor quality SLR driven by AI and a time-consuming SLR validated by human expertise but outmoded upon completion.

Cytel offers its clients a new way forward with a superior hybrid option, our LiveSLR® software.

What is LiveSLR®?

Created by an intelligent human-machine partnership, Cytel’s LiveSLR software uses the power and scope of an AI scan combined with human expertise to produce the most up-to-date evidence. Our industry-leading evidence generation team has three decades of experience and a proven track record of meeting the high evidentiary standards, set by global health authorities. Cytel’s trained analysts deliver high quality, NICE-grade, custom SLRs, created using Cochrane and PRISMA methods .

Have questions or want to learn more? Download our latest Position Paper to know how Cytel’s LiveSLR software is used by leading pharmaceuticals to deliver SLRs using this modern standard.

Download Position Paper


About the Author of Blog:

Mansha SMansha Sachdev specializes in content creation and knowledge management. She holds an MBA degree and has over 12 years of experience in handling various facets of marketing, across industries. At Cytel, Mansha is a Senior Content Marketing Manager and is responsible for producing informative content that is related to the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries.



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