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Accurately analyze small, skewed or sparse data with StatXact

In clinical trials with small or sparse data, statistical methods meant for large sample sizes may not be helpful to get an accurate interpretation of data. This is where computationally challenging exact methods often come into play. Chris Corcoran, David B. Haight Professor of Analytics in the Huntsman School of Business, is presenting at a Cytel webinar where he will introduce some basic exact statistical procedures provided in Cytel’s StatXact®. The software offers more than 160 tests and procedures for exact inference and power analysis.

Join Chris Corcoran in this example-based discussion where he will illustrate why exact analysis can be crucial in providing accurate results in some very common settings, particularly those involving small or sparse samples. Click on the button to register for the webinar.


The advantage of Exact tests is that they are very useful for small or sparse samples. Exact tests are “Exact” in the sense that they guarantee nominal Type I error rate. In many settings for finite samples, there is no such guarantee for asymptotic testing or large-sample methods.

Cytel's StatXact® software provides Statisticians with the industry-leading toolkit for exact inference and power analysis. It has simplified the complex algorithms of modern statistical analysis within a validated and user-friendly software package. Findings that should be difficult to compute are easy to identify and communicate through StatXact. It enables the users to perform fast and accurate hypothesis-testing that is responsive to an array of trial needs.

StatXact has harnessed the immense power of Cytel’s nonparametric and exact inference methods to make enduring contributions to the fields across the natural and social sciences. The experts at Cytel are constantly developing new types of exact tests, broadening the selection of calculations available to the users. In Cytel’s webinar on September 16, 2020, Chris Corcoran will illustrate how to use StatXact to accurately analyze small, skewed or sparse data. He will also discuss the computational advantages that allow StatXact to provide the fastest results among any available software options.

Click on the button to register for the webinar.


About Chris Corcoran

chris cChris Corcoran is the David B. Haight Professor of Analytics in the Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University, and serves as the head of the Data Analytics and Information Systems department. He earned a degree in Statistics and Computer Science in 1995, before completing a doctorate in Biostatistics at Harvard University in 1999. He joined USU as a faculty member in Mathematics and Statistics, and served as head of that department before moving to the Huntsman School of Business in 2019. In addition to teaching courses in introductory and advanced statistics, including categorical data analysis and computational statistics, Chris has spent a large part of his career working with large interdisciplinary public health and biomedical studies, including research in Alzheimer's disease, cognition in aging, birth defects, cancer, hip fracture among the elderly, and the genetic causes of chronic disease.


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