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The Uniqueness of COVID-19 Data Challenges; The COVID-19 trial tracker

COVID-19 has created extreme uncertainties -- a dearth of historical information combined with the need for safety, statistical rigor, and speed has prompted the rapid surge in the generation of clinical data. However, this information is scattered across multiple platforms, making it challenging to measure comparative treatment effects across trials. Consequently, we are seeing a high frequency of failures, that diminishes the public’s confidence in research and slows the path from scientific results to action.

Professor Edward Mills, Principal Scientist at Cytel and Kristian Thorlund, SVP, Real World Analytics, Cytel, will be hosting an issue panel at ISPOR EU 2020. The subject of the panel discussion is, “Reflecting on the Failures of Real-World Data in COVID-19 – Should Global Health Learn from Oncology or Are the COVID-19 Real World Data Challenges Too Unique?”.

There is a wealth of experience and technology available for Real World studies of which many COVID-19 researchers may not be aware, and it will be crucial for the world’s health to ensure that this is adequately shared globally. Trial design must be able to adapt, and targeted changes be made in real time that maintain the statistical integrity of the analysis of data. Here, quantitative strategists have proved to be essential to ensure that, as a trial adapts, it remains focused on its objectives and does not compromise its integrity and statistical validity.

A related talk will focus on Cytel’s COVID-19 Trial Tracker. Earlier this year, in collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Cytel launched a COVID-19 Trial Tracker, an Open Access tool to track the global response to the coronavirus pandemic. This central repository of clinical trials is updated daily to ensure that all new scientific findings can be easily identified on a single website. The live dashboard offers an overview of all the trials taking place in the international effort to tackle the pandemic. Collating information in one place on the growing numbers of trials aims to enable decision-makers to compare treatments more easily as they determine which to investigate further.

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