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Functional Service Provision

Cytel takes pride in offering our clients access to teams that can act as extensions of a sponsor’s permanent staff. We bring a proven methodology that helps us identify, onboard and deploy talent to your team at both a local and global level, depending on your trial’s needs. This strategy is optimized to ensure seamless integration with client organizations, for purposes of management and delivery.

Collaborative Delivery

Being a notable Functional Services Provider in the industry, we take pride in supporting our clients as they navigate the intricacies of new age clinical development. The collaborative delivery of solutions that we expect from our Functional Services teams builds on both expertise and enthusiasm. We are a scientific community, as well as a provider of functional services, which means those who thrive here believe in empirical rigor, curiosity and solutions that work.

Cytel focuses on using innovative applications of statistical science and adaptive clinical trial design, and specializes in the specific services necessary to implement these complex designs. We are at the cutting edge of biostatistics, technology and human ingenuity and our people are passionate about driving healthcare forward.



Dedicated, scalable team that can operate within or as an extension of your in-house team, providing flexibility and cost efficiencies.



Highly skilled team of professionals driven by intelligent process and deep technical expertise.



Experience working with large, mid and small sized companies, in multiple geographies.

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