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FSP Navigator – Building the Team that Brings Success


In this blog, Cytel's SVP Corey Dunham’s talks about our Functional Services teams and the qualities we seek in new hires. As our FSP division continues to grow, we are looking to hire programmers and biostatisticians. Cytel's recruitment and FSP teams are hosting a one hour long Virtual Careers Open Day on Thursday, September 10th at 11:00AM EDT. Join us to learn more about our expanding FSP team, open career opportunities and what it means to be part of Cytel. Click on the button to register for the virtual event.


Cytel takes pride in offering our clients access to teams that can act as extensions of a sponsor’s permanent staff. We bring a proven methodology that helps us identify, onboard and deploy talent to your team. This strategy is optimized to ensure seamless integration with client organizations, for purposes of management and delivery.

The collaborative delivery of solutions that we expect from our Functional Services teams builds on both expertise and enthusiasm. Cytel is a scientific community, as well as a provider of functional services, which means those who thrive here believe in empirical rigor, curiosity and solutions that work.

While we expect our teams to be conscientious in delivering quality results through your systems and processes, we also know that the creative potential of our staff can often increase productivity. Something as simple as a new automation to improve efficiencies, or statistical programming listings that streamlines data management, often come from insightful team members.

Team leaders, in turn, are expected to facilitate strategies that take into account, both specific deliverables, as well as those means and methods that can optimize efficiencies across the various contexts of a whole clinical program. They are often trained in biology, genetics or other life-sciences, and have worked across therapeutic areas. 87% of our FSP team have advanced degrees. A number have management backgrounds, and many have also received training in management from their mentors at Cytel.

Building these teams requires Cytel to find and nurture expertise. We look for practical expertise that comes from industry experience. We look for expert knowledge, which comes from having studied statistics, programming, biology and management. We also look for expert reasoning, a kind of responsive problem-solving that can analyze and synthesize challenges as they arise.

We find people with the confidence to take on challenges, and the knowledge to solve problems quickly.

To learn more about how to join one of our Functional Services Teams register for our Virtual Recruitment Day by clicking below.



About Corey Dunham

Corey_DunhamCorey has over 20 years’ experience working within CRO’s, having begun his career in clinical data management with Parexel International. He is an industry recognized expert in clinical trial design and implementation, as well as an authority on innovative approaches to Data Management and technologies such as EDC, ePRO, CTMS and IXRS.

Prior to joining Cytel, Corey worked as a Vice President at ICON in multiple roles from Operations to Commercial.Most recently, he was responsible for the commercial development and direction of the Functional Solutions business and its solutions in the global FSP market. Corey also employed his strategic planning and leadership as VP, Operations / Head of Americas for the DOCS Global division where he led over 2,000 staff in the key areas of Functional Services, Strategic Resourcing and Capacity Management. He delivered industry leading GM% on revenues of over $100 million.

Prior to ICON, Corey was the Global Head of Biometrics for Aptiv Solutions, and took the helm of delivering Biometrics Operations with global adaptive design in focus. Corey also contributed to the development and implementation of flagship products like AptivAdvantage and ADDPLAN.

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