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Top Bayesian Topics of 2022

Bayesian methods have been playing a key role in transforming clinical research, providing a variety of new opportunities for efficient and flexible clinical trials. Bayesian topics are frequently explored in Perspectives on Enquiry and Evidence. Here are some of our most-read articles on Bayesian methods in 2022.

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  1. On Frequentist and Bayesian Sequential Clinical Trial Designs
  2. Bayesian Adaptive Clinical Trial Designs: INLA vs. MCMC
  3. The Uses of Bayesian Methods in Late-Phase Clinical Trial Strategy
  4. Developing Synthetic Control Arms Using Bayesian Models
  5. Bayesian Hierarchical Modelling for Histology-Independent Therapies
  6. Bayesian Methods for Historical Borrowing: Conjugate Priors
  7. How to Determine if Your Clinical Trial Has Sufficient Data
  8. Industry Voices: Dr. Parvin Fardipour on New Horizons in Data Science
  9. Career Perspectives: Interview with Charles Warne, Associate Director of Biostatistics
  10. What’s Ahead for Clinical Trial Design?


And here are some of our top posts on Bayesian methods from previous years that continued to be some of our most read throughout 2022:


  1. Introduction to Evidence Synthesis and Bayesian dynamic borrowing
  2. Use of Rolling-enrollment Designs to Accelerate Clinical Trials
  3. Decision Making in Early Clinical Development
  4. Bayesian Statistics and FDA Regulatory Acceptability
  5. Conditional Powers Vs Bayesian Predictive Power for Adaptive Sample Size Reassessment
  6. What's the Value of P?
  7. Use of Bayesian Approach in Basket Trial Design
  8. Bayesian Dose-Finding Designs – An Overview
  9. Role of Prediction and Causal Inference in Clinical Research
  10. Leveraging Synthetic and External Control Arms Using Bayesian Methods


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Bayesian methods have been playing a key role in transforming clinical research, and Bayesian topics are frequently..
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