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FSP Behind the Scenes with Brooke Smith, Senior Biostatistician

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Cytel’s Functional Service Provision (FSP) teams work on exciting projects with biotech and pharmaceutical companies as statistical programmers and biostatisticians. We spoke with Brooke Smith, Senior Biostatistician, who’s based in the US and working with a global pharmaceutical company, about the meaningful and impactful projects she’s working on and what it’s like to work as a biostatistician with Cytel’s FSP.

Can you share a little background on your career at Cytel so far?

I joined Cytel in January 2022 as a Senior Biostatistician and have had a wonderful experience growing and learning under the FSP model.


Can you share an example of a project you’ve worked on that was really fascinating and/or impactful for you?

I’m currently working on a clinical trial that will have significant benefits for a chronically ill patient population in Japan if it is successful. It’s exciting to be involved in an integral part of progressing a medication that should be available to these types of patients all over the world.


What motivates you in your work?

Providing strong and accurate results for my FSP client. I pride myself on delivering quality work and know that it is greatly appreciated by a company that also prides itself on providing the best medicine possible for their patients.


What makes you feel like you’re an integral part of the team?

My supervising manager with our FSP client is very invested in growing my knowledge and experience. She has taken on a strong mentorship role and has presented me with so many opportunities that wouldn’t normally be available for someone with my short career experience.


What does it take to be in Cytel FSP?

It is important to have a strong understanding of industry standards and requirements alongside the knowledge and skills needed for your role. If you don’t have those skills, seek out a colleague that can help you learn and offer advice when needed. In addition to the technical skills, being self-motivated, organized, and proactive are key skills to bring to an FSP client relationship. If you are able to show that you are an asset to the client, you will be presented with so many more opportunities to build your experience and knowledge.


Thank you, Brooke, for sharing your experience!


Interested in a career as a biostatistician? To learn more, or to explore our openings, click below:


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