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New Whitepaper: Bayesian Methodologies for COVID-19 Drugs

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Expert statisticians at Cytel have spent the past three and a half months designing and deploying dozens of trials for COVID-19 trials. A new whitepaper describes the critical uses of Bayesian methodologies employed by Cytel statisticians, in their search for effective therapies, prophylactics and vaccines.

According to the whitepaper:

"The COVID-19 pandemic has elevated the challenge of designing and executing clinical trials within a substantially shortened time frame, and with limited data on the course of a newly emerged disease. The sense of urgency incites clinical researchers to invoke innovative trial design approaches to expedite the identification of efficacious interventions without compromising patient safety and scientific rigor. Bayesian statistical methods are very well suited to address these challenges due to their ability to adapt to knowledge that is gained during a trial."

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