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How to Create a High-Quality Globally Distributed Biometrics Team?

Effective use of the right outsourcing solution can enable sponsors to respond to market needs and change course where necessary, while ensuring a pool of highly qualified personnel are available to work on clinical trial projects. Whether you are a global pharmaceutical company or a virtual biotech, you deserve the dedicated and experienced A-team that can ensure that your projects are executed accurately, on-time and on-budget.

In this blog, we share a Cytel success story to explain how to create a high-quality, globally distributed biometrics team: minimizing recruitment timelines by up to 50% and expanding the team itself by 40% over a two year period


About a year ago Cytel’s FSP team welcomed a new client, a top 5 Global Pharma/Healthcare company, that was looking to replace their incumbent vendor by a new, distributed team of over 50 members. Due to a high-priority for accelerated clinical development timelines, the new biometrics team had to begin within a fortnight. This necessitated a rapid recruitment of both onshore and offshore workers, for varied Therapeutic Area support. The key goal was to ensure speed without sacrificing quality of the team and to execute a smooth transition.

How to ensure trusted staff with rapid recruitment timelines

Recruiting Trusted Staff in Short Time Periods: Cytel launched a substantial, focused hiring drive in US and India, across different experience bands. This included tapping our network of ex-employees as this allowed quicker onboarding with trusted staff.

Ensuring Sponsor is in the Loop: We recruited a team from a balanced geographical distribution to facilitate interactions with the Sponsor and provide operational efficiency.

Make Room for More Training: Our team also provided bespoke training and mentoring wherever it was necessary.


Cytel’s dedicated recruitment resourcing team was able to use their combined years of headhunting experience to attract high quality talent to the partnership in a highly competitive marketplace. A highly skilled team was successfully recruited in 4 months, instead of the industry standard of eight to ten months thereby cutting short the recruitment timeline by 50%. Our team designed an intensive onboarding process which ensured the project went live on Day 14. Several Service Delivery Lead roles were staffed in India, providing an optimal US-India combination to the client.

After a successful start, the team was further expanded by 40% over the next two years.

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