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Weekly Insights from the COVID-19 Trial Tracker: Oxford Vacine Study

There are now over 950 trials registered, which means that 250 new trials were registered in the past week.

Only 540 of these are currently recruiting patients. This would suggest that a number of trials are failing to reach recruitment targets. The most successful trials, though, appear to suggest otherwise. They are recruiting at an unprecedented rate.

Perhaps the biggest story of the week is that Remdesivir was accepted as the new Standard of Care for many clinical trials, particularly the 77 trials recruiting in the United States. The figure below shows the recruitment journey for Remdesivir. As of March 1 fewer than 100 patients had been recruited for this trial, but by May 10,000 had been enrolled.


The other big story this week is the ongoing search for a COVID-19 vaccine. There are currently 15 trials recruiting across the world with a projected 10,000 patients required to complete recruitment. There has been a degree of efficiency in the recruitment process.

The well-known “Oxford Study” which began recruiting in April has already enrolled nearly 100 patients. The study will need to enroll 1112 before it is completed.

Meanwhile, the BCG trial in Australia is testing a vaccine on healthy healthcare workers who were exposed to coronavirus patients. The trial has currently recruited 700 or so of the 5000 patients required for completion. The figures below show their recruitment trajectories.

Oxford Vaccine (below)

BCG Vaccine (below)


Vaccine trials are by nature far longer than other trials. The Oxford Study is projected to complete by May 2021 while the BCG Vaccine trial will complete towards the end of this year in November 2020.


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