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The Living Model Approach for Systematic Literature Reviews

When building a disease model or an economic model, the assumption has been that updates to such models should only occur once sufficient evidence has been gathered. A “living model” approach, however, aspires to treat models as always evolving, with new evidence continuously incorporated into its parameters.

Systematic literature reviews (SLRs) are essential for proving product value to health authorities but struggle to stay current with the rapid pace of scientific knowledge. Guidance published by PRISMA, Cochrane, and other thought leaders in establishing standards for SLRs indicates that living models for SLRs are the future of the industry. Such living models can benefit clinicians who are weighing treatment strategies for patients and are essential to demonstrate product value based on the most updated evidence.

To learn more about the living model approach for SLRs and Cytel’s LiveSLR® platform, click below to read “LiveSLR: The Urgent Need to Demonstrate Value in Real Time” by Anna Forsythe, PharmD, and Maria Rizzo, MSc. The paper also includes a compelling case study in which a pharmaceutical company looking to evaluate the potential impact of surrogate endpoints on long-term clinical outcomes in multiple myeloma required (and completed) an SLR to support reimbursement submissions — in just two months.


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