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The 24 Hour Work Day

Oftentimes people perceive a tradeoff between speed and quality. The faster you do something the more likely you are to make mistakes. Then again, checking everything carefully means things take a longer time.


What if you could promise a team that could work 24-7?

I mean really deliver high quality work 24-7?

Imagine a company where teams were built so that the minute one person was preparing to end an eight to twelve hour shift, another person was ready to pick up where the first person left off. For over several years now, we have been perfecting this model at Cytel. 

When our teams in Massachusetts or Philadelphia are ready to go home for the evening, our teams in India are getting into the office. A quick conference call briefing everyone on the status of the project, and the torch passes to the next member of the relay race.

Similarly, as our teams in Pune, Hyderabad and Mumbai prepare to go home for the evening our European teams are still busy at work, ready to take charge of the race. They then pass the torch on to our American teams, and so on and so forth until projects are completed.

At Cytel we promise 5 Locations for 24 Time Zones. We ensure our project managers know how to manage global teams. Some projects, of course, benefit from teamwork that is localized. However, if your project can benefit from 24 hour attention, be sure to get in touch so that we can start a conversation.

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