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East Alloy: Accelerating the pace of innovation

Keeping up with the rapid pace of clinical development means that we need to adopt the innovative or computationally intensive designs like Bayesian methods. Yet, cutting edge technology can sometimes be difficult to assess or can introduce risk. Cytel’s new web-native extension of East, East AlloyTM, makes it practical and sustainable to adopt innovative and computationally intensive designs. Continue reading this blog to learn more.

The cost of drug development, failure rate and human cost associated with prolonged participation in a trial turn out to be steep in case of an ineffective trial. As companies try to seek new levels of clinical trial efficiency, adoption of innovative or computationally intensive designs like Bayesian methods has become a common practice. Verified solutions can take time to roll out while, open source solutions lack the ease of use, reliability and support of commercial software. Many home-grown bespoke solutions can involve risks as well as time investment. Furthermore, execution of Bayesian methodologies can be impractical within the time constraints afforded for statistical design.

East Alloy is a web-based environment for clinical trial design, that blends the pace of SaaS delivery, the ease of use and robustness of Cytel software, and the velocity of cloud-based computing. This software aims at enhancing your company’s intelligence by using an intuitive graphical interface to proficiently design innovative clinical trials informed by prior data. It can enhance your power by leveraging the cloud to support computationally intensive Bayesian designs. The software can also increase your confidence by applying innovative statistical methodologies with support and maintenance that comes from a trusted source like Cytel.

In Alloy we are complementing the capabilities of East with a couple of different modules. These modules generally deal with sequential types of designs including tools for group sequential and MAMS clinical trials with normal, binomial, or time-to-event endpoints. Another module coming later this year will deal with adaptive dose-finding.

Read our previous blog to learn more about the methods and capabilities available to all East Alloy users.

Watch the on demand webinar by Pantelis Vlachos where he introduces East Alloy.

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