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February 2021: Updates from the CYTEL COVID-19 Trial Tracker

Cytel’s COVID-19 Trial Tracker continues to provide real time updates to the status of COVID-19 clinical trials worldwide. Funded by the Gates Foundation, the COVID-19 Trial Tracker uses machine learning technology to ensure that registries across the world feed into the Trial Tracker.

According to the COVID-19 Trial Tracker there have been a total of 2509 clinical trials since the beginning of the pandemic.

There have been a total of 517 trials in the United States, with 319 still recruiting patients.

There have been more than 530 clinical trials in Europe, with 172 still recruiting patients. The majority of these are in Spain where 128 clinical trials are still recruiting, and in France where 73 trials continue to recruit.

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Learn more about the COVID-19 Clinical Trial Tracker by clicking below.

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