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Top Interviews of 2022: Industry Voices and Career Perspectives

Perspectives on Enquiry and Evidence features two recurring interview series: Our new Industry Voices series, in which we interview Cytel’s thought leaders and experts on cutting-edge topics in their respective fields, and our Career Perspectives series, which highlights the career journey and insights into roles integral to Cytel. Here are some of our most-read interviews of 2022. Make sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter below to stay up to date on the latest thought leadership in clinical trial design and data science.


Industry Voices

  1. Industry Voices: Talk with Albert Kim on Simulation-Guided Design
  2. Industry Voices: Dr. Parvin Fardipour on New Horizons in Data Science
  3. Joshua Schultz on the Evolution of Cytel
  4. Cyrus Mehta on the Founding of Cytel
  5. Nitin Patel on 35 Years of Technological Innovation


Career Perspectives

  1. Career Perspectives: Interview with Jessica Bhoyroo, Clinical Data Manager
  2. Career Perspectives: Reflecting at 10 Years in Cytel FSP
  3. Career Perspectives: Interview with Charles Warne, Associate Director of Biostatistics
  4. Career Perspectives: Interview with Allison Luccock
  5. Career Perspectives: A Conversation with Nicolas Rouillé
  6. Career Perspectives: A Conversation with Malte Stein
  7. Career Perspectives: Interview with Alyssa Biller, Senior Solutions Consultant
  8. Career Perspectives: A Conversation with Veronica Chan


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