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Meet our Global HEOR and RWE Experts: Virtual ISPOR 2021

Cytel’s team of HEOR and Real-World Evidence (RWE) experts are all set to make a splash at the Virtual ISPOR on May 17 - 20. Our global consultancy in HEOR and RWE will be delivering a number of interactive workshops, posters and podium presentations to showcase their work and share innovative insights in HEOR, evidence generation, knowledge synthesis and decision analysis.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the work of health economics outcomes researchers, Virtual ISPOR 2021 will aim to address some of the challenges in strengthening HEOR’s relevance beyond product assessment, upgrades in HEOR methodology, application, and practice, and other important subjects.

Cytel’s consultants and partners, Ingress Health and Purple Squirrel Economics, both now Cytel companies, will be contributing to a range of events at Virtual ISPOR. There are over 20 publications/presentations from Cytel at this year’s event. Our presentations will focus on a broad range of therapeutic areas including, oncology, rare disease, and urology, amongst others.

In addition, we invite you to access a wealth of information, publications, and Cytel HEOR resources at our ISPOR Solutions Center.

Here are some pre-release sessions you can attend:

RW1: “A Comparative Analysis of Recommendations for the Post-Reimbursement Collection of Real-World DATA (RWD) in Oncology Appraisals Issued By Six HTA Agencies” - Khushboo Gurjar, Sharada Harricharan, Khoi Nguyen, Anna Forsythe, Purple Squirrel Economics

*Top 5% Average Review Score

RW3: “Quantitative Bias Analysis (QBA) for Comparative Effectiveness of Alectinib versus Ceritinib in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)” - Wilkinson S; Gupta A; Scheuer N; Mackay E; Arora P; Thorlund K; Wasiak R; Ray J, Ramagopalan S

*Top 5% Average Review Score

Cytel specializes in health economic modeling, HEOR value communication, and other standard models of pharmaceutical modeling for comparative effectiveness research. Connect with our global community of healthcare stakeholders and stay informed on the latest and greatest happenings in the world of HEOR. Click below to download our full list of sessions at Virtual ISPOR.

Download Cytel Sessions


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