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2018 East User Group Meeting Addresses Multiplicity Themes, with keynotes including Stephen Senn and Meinhard Keiser.


Cytel’s 7th East User Group Meeting (EUGM) will take place on November 14 & 15, 2018 at Merck in Darmstadt, Germany, bringing together industry experts, thought leaders and applied statisticians to discuss the future of clinical trials.

The agenda has been developed collaboratively by the EUGM Scientific Committee, and keynote speakers will include Stephen Senn, Meinhard Kieser, Thomas Burnett, Robert Greene and Simon Kirby.

In this blog, we took the opportunity to talk to one of the speakers, Thomas Burnett, Senior Research Associate in Medical and Pharmaceutical Statistics at Lancaster University, about his presentation topic “Bayesian Optimization of Enrichment Designs” and his perspectives on what EUGM delegates will be able to take away from his talk.

Cytel: What sparked your interest in the topic of Bayesian Optimization of Enrichment designs? 

Thomas Burnett (TB): My PhD Thesis “Bayesian Decision Making in Adaptive Clinical Trials” was focused on the optimization of Adaptive Enrichment trials and evaluating their overall performance in comparison to fixed sampling methods, I found it such an interesting topic that it has continued to be part of my work.

 Cytel: Why is this an important topic?

TB: The drive for efficiency in clinical trial design is clear from both a patient and sponsor perspective and enrichment designs can offer that under the right circumstances, however it is also important to understand when and how they may offer a benefit. The Bayesian decision framework not only allows us to optimize the adaptive trials, but also make performance comparisons between competing designs to understand which is most suitable under a given scenario.

Cytel: What can those who hear the talk expect to take away?
TB: I hope the delegates will gain an understanding of how to construct Bayes optimal Adaptive Enrichment trials and insight into when these designs may be helpful to them (or at least knowledge on how to efficiently assess this for a particular trial).


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EUGM Insights

The EUGM offers a unique perspective on clinical trials by combining methodological and practical scientific talks with the ability to gain hands-on training with East software.

Day 1 is the Innovations in Clinical Trials Symposium and this year’s overarching theme is Multiplicity.
This day’s sessions will open with a keynote talk from Stephen Senn “70 Years Old and Still Here”, followed by a range of presentations covering hot topics like: “The Randomized Clinical Trial and its Critics: Selection Bias from Picking Treatments Only with Phase 2 Trials” and “Multiplicity Issues in Decision Making”.

Day 2 is a hands on East training day – participants will benefit from practical training in Cytel's East software, with the unveiling of three new features: Population Enrichment, Program Simulation and MCPMod (Design and Analysis).



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Thomas Burnett Biography 

Thomas Burnett-1

Thomas is a Senior Research Associate in Medical and Pharmaceutical Statistics at Lancaster University, where his main research interest is Adaptive clinical trials. He studied for his BSc in Mathematics and Statistics with placement at the University of Bath, spending a year working on sample design at the Office for National Statistics. Thomas also holds a PhD from the University of Bath, this was a case studentship that involved working closely with Roche Products Ltd researching the Bayesian optimisation of Adaptive Enrichment trials.


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