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Demonstrating Value in Real Time with Living Models for Systematic Literature Reviews

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Systematic literature reviews are essential for proving product value to health authorities, clinicians, and payers, but the speed of scientific discovery often outpaces the ability of researchers to accumulate and integrate constant and ever-evolving new insights. This is compounded by obstacles to accessing the newest publications. How can we optimize the human-machine partnership to ensure that the most recent science is quickly integrated into industry research programs?

The answer is living models for SLRs.

Click below to read “LiveSLR: The Urgent Need to Demonstrate Value in Real Time,” which delves into how the efficiency of software can be combined with the knowledge of experts to provide access to continuously evolving, up-to-date research.

The paper also includes a compelling case study in which a pharmaceutical company looking to evaluate the potential impact of surrogate endpoints on long-term clinical outcomes in multiple myeloma required an SLR — on a short timeline — to support reimbursement submissions. Click below to learn how Cytel’s experts accomplished this:

Download Position Paper

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