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Overcoming Data Management Challenges in Immuno-Oncology Trials

Data management is an essential building block for successful Immuno-Oncology (I-O) trials. At the Immuno-Oncology Clinical Trials operations meeting in New York in earlier this year,  Patti Arsenault, VP Quality Assurance at Cytel discussed with Christopher Lamplugh, AVP, Clinical Data Management, Global Data Operations at Merck, the key challenges for data management in the space, and what’s needed to overcome them. 

Data in oncology trials needs to support the efficacy and safety of the products, and it has to be validated faster and with optimal quality in order to meet the demands of fast-paced programs. During a trial itself, proliferating amounts, types and uniqueness of the data can challenge both the sponsors and sites.

In modern oncology drug development data managers need greater scientific and end-to-end knowledge to ensure efficient trials. It is important to have Data Managers that are resourceful, innovative and participative to achieve goals in I-O trials.

Our infographic below highlights some key clinical data management challenges in I-O Trials.


 IO360-infographic-Final 11 April 2018


Cytel's  data management team has experience with the specific data collection requirements of oncology trials. To find out more about our clinical data management services click below.

Data Management


 With thanks to Patti Arsenault, VP of Quality Assurance at Cytel and Chris Lamplugh, AVP, Clinical Data Management, Global Data Operations, Merck.

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