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End-to-End Biometrics Solutions

A global team of trusted experts dedicated to delivering the full gamut of cutting-edge biometrics services, effectively managing every aspect of your trial — from design to analysis and reporting.
We deliver expert, tailored approaches to data operations and analyses for robust clinical trial results. Patient data is the hub of activity at Cytel, not something that is passed from one pair of hands to another. This allows us to focus on data integrity, minimize downstream risks, and ensure that all necessary actions are taken early and effectively at the clinical sites. Our unique approach breaks down siloes and provides clean, complete, and analysis-ready patient data.
Partner with us to experience a seamless journey, without sacrificing scientific or regulatory rigor.
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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Data

With over thirty-five years of experience, we empower biotech and pharmaceutical companies to navigate uncertainty, prove value, and unlock the full potential of their data. Cytel’s Biometrics team specializes in clearly identifying, monitoring, and mitigating risks to data integrity and study objectives. Our experts in Data Management, Biostatistics, Statistical Programming, and Medical Writing quickly and precisely identify product value, maximizing the impact of your clinical trial.

Choose the Data and Advanced Analytics Partner You Need

Cytel teams work to align not only on how the study will be executed, but also on the broader strategic imperatives of our partners. We understand that there are clinical analyses needs for reasons beyond filing, critical to our partners’ success. We work in a state of analysis readiness that allows us to prosecute unplanned analyses when needed and with high quality. Leveraging discrete blinded and unblinded teams and environments, we ensure the integrity of the core study while addressing a broader range of requirements. We understand that your success is not limited to executing the study to the original plan, but in how we adapt to the many requirements that emerge as we pursue that plan.
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Achieve Excellence in Science, Compliance, and
Operational Delivery

Cytel’s end-to-end biometrics solutions encompass every stage of clinical development. Our software and Therapeutic Development Team services are leveraged by sponsors at the early stage of clinical trial design, optimizing the study objectives. We help sponsors seamlessly navigate the transition from design into study operations to ensure that the key components are respected and protected in the SAP, eCRF design, data management plans, programming deliverables and reviews. Every adaptive trial design prepared by Cytel and submitted to the regulatory agencies has achieved 100% approval. Widely regarded for its pioneering work in adaptive trial design, Cytel continues to shape innovative approaches to drug and device development to expedite paths to approval and commercialization.

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Experience Seamless Collaboration with Our Global Team of Experts

The best engagements are a collaboration, in which we partner with sponsors as an extension of their team. With our highly qualified and experienced biometrics staff, we seamlessly integrate as a united team with other vendors, fostering efficiency and operational cohesion. Our integrated project management approach ensures that all cross-functional engagements maintain a critical focus on timely and top-quality results.

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