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Podcast with Ursula Garczarek on The Effective Statistician


In 2018, Cytel ran a qualitative survey among biostatisticians and programmers on trends in data science and perceptions about the goals, barriers and future of the field in the biopharma and life science industry.  Our analysis and report revealed a range of insights from the respondents including :

Lack of shared understanding of what data science represents with less than 1 in 7 of all respondents suggesting a definition of data science.
Clear trend of investment in data science across organizational types with three-quarters of all respondents saying their organizations had a dedicated data science department.

An opportunity for improved clinical trial design by using data science techniques was recognized by the majority of respondents. In addition, respondents across all functions perceive the key opportunity for data science to be in maximizing the value of real-world data. 

In a recently published discussion on The Effective Statistician podcast ( a weekly podcast produced in association with PSI)  Ursula Garczarek, Associate Director Strategic Consulting at Cytel sat down with hosts Alexander Schacht and Benjamin Piske to discuss where the biopharma and life science industries are headed with the application of data science.

In the 45 minute podcast, they cover a range of topics using the survey results as a discussion prompt, including: 

What is big data, data science, machine learning and AI?
What data sources will play an important role for the industry?
What do we hope to get out of applying data science given that more and more companies have dedicated resources in this area?
What are the barriers for achieving these goals? How can we overcome them?
Will RCTs become obsolete in the future?
What can statisticians do to prepare themselves for the future?

Click the button below to listen to the podcast over at The Effective Statistician.  While you're there, the podcast has a wealth of other resources to explore, including working with key opinion leaders, developing leadership skills and understanding multiplicity. 


With thanks to Ursula Garczarek,  Alexander Schacht, and  Benjamin Piske.

Further reading:

Cytel report: Data Science- Bridging the Gap Between Controlled Experiment and Real-World Data



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