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Cytel’s award-winning statistical and predictive software solutions enable our clients to make the best possible decisions.


Solara is a trial design selection platform that combines over 30 years of Cytel’s insight and advanced analytics expertise with the infinite power of cloud computing in a new platform that redefines clinical trial development. 

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East® provides users with a wide range of features, including sample size and power calculation tools, adaptive features planning, a trial monitoring dashboard, advanced simulations to test hypotheses before experimental implementation, and text-book-quality documentation and access to support from world-renowned statistical experts. 

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East Bayes

East Bayes provides easy access to complex Bayesian designs for all users. Cytel is bringing you East Bayes as a web-based extension of East for clinical trial design that blends the pace of SaaS delivery, the ease of use and robustness of Cytel software, and the velocity of cloud-based computing.

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The Xacts bring you a premier suite of statistical tests for small, sparse and missing data. This includes StatXact, which provides the world’s most comprehensive toolkit for such analyses, offering more than 150 tests and procedures into a validated software package. Click to learn more about StatXact, LogXact and the entire set of Xacts Suites.

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Trial Implementation & Decision Support Software

Cytel's software products not only help clients select empowered designs, they can also be used to manage and implement clinical studies. Cytel has over three decades of experience designing superior clinical trial technology.

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