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Summer Weekend Read Roundup

Last week, we featured our final Summer Weekend Read, the last in a series designed to showcase some of our most recent ebooks, white papers, and position papers, all authored by Cytel’s experts. Check out the full series below:



Sufficient Information Threshold for Effective Bayesian Applications: The Effective, Efficient, and Ethical Way Forward

Trial sponsors have spent decades trying to figure out how to decide when a clinical trial has enough data to determine its success or futility. Read our position paper on how Cytel’s statisticians, with the help of East Bayes, use Bayesian tools to help approximate whether your trial has reached this critical Sufficient Information Threshold.



LiveSLR: The Urgent Need to Demonstrate Value in Real Time

Spending months assimilating research for a systematic literature review is a thing of the past and easy access to volumes of quality evidence is a recurring need. To match the pace of scientific discovery, living model SLRs are the future of the industry. Read our new position paper on how Cytel’s LiveSLR software combines the efficiency of a machine with the knowledge of experts to provide easy continuous access to up-to-date evidence.



Advancing Clinical Trials with Digital Tools: Simulation-Guided Design

Developing a clinical trial, much like embarking on a journey, will have you confronting both known and unknown trajectories, obstacles, and roadblocks. So how can you confidently select the best path forward? Read our white paper on the unparalleled insights of simulation-based statistical design.



Pareto Optimization for Clinical Trial Development

Designing a clinical trial requires balancing many factors, such as speed, cost, and power. To learn more about ensuring your trial is Pareto Optimal, meaning you can’t improve any one design parameter without worsening another, read our new publication.



The Model-Based Approach: A Better Way to Forecast Enrollment

The most common cause for incomplete Phase 3 clinical trials is enrollment. Read about the model-based approach for meeting enrollment targets, and how it can easily accommodate two realities of the patient enrollment process: nonlinearity and randomness.



The Good Data Doctor on Data Submission and Data Integration

The Good Data Doctor, Angelo Tinazzi, offers six of his most critical insights on clinical data submission and integration. Read his ebook to learn more.



Discover the Value of an Optimized Clinical Data Strategy

How can you ensure a high-quality evidence package? Small changes to your data strategy can make a big difference to your chances of success in clinical trial development. Read our ebook to learn more.


Thank you to all of our contributors!



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