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Winter Weekend Read Roundup

Last week, we featured our final Winter Weekend Read, the last in a series designed to showcase our complimentary publications on a variety of topics on clinical trial design and data science, all authored by Cytel’s experts. Check out the full series below:



Simulation-Guided Design Is Reshaping Clinical Trial Strategy

It’s time to stop relying solely on conventional or familiar trial design methods – and potentially missing out on the best designs in the process. Read our position paper to learn how simulation-guided design can enable unparalleled insights.



Bayesian Methods across the Clinical Development Journey

Bayesian methods, with their ability to facilitate flexibility and learning, are often associated with early-phase clinical trials. Yet there are also many strategic uses of Bayesian methods in late-phase clinical trial design, which can help generate more effective, efficient, and ethical clinical trials. Read our position paper to learn how Cytel’s statisticians, with the help of East Bayes, use Bayesian predictive probability across the clinical development journey.



Strategic Clinical Trial Design Unlocks Innovative Funding Opportunity

Cytel’s experts were able to help identify a trial design for a small biotech studying carcinoma that reduced costs, increased returns for investors, and did not require higher operating costs. Read our case study to learn more about Solara®’s powerful simulation and modeling capabilities.



To Adapt or Not to Adapt? A Decision Framework

Adaptive trials are often associated with greater efficiency and better prospects for patients without compromising statistical rigor. Read our white paper to learn more and to consult our ten-point decision framework to decide whether your trial should be adaptive.



Focal Points and Monetization: New Uses of Pareto Frontiers in Clinical Development

For clinical development and research and development teams, the Pareto Frontier can perform two functions: create a focal point and maximize performance criteria. Read our position paper to learn more about the Pareto Frontier and Pareto Optimal designs.



Demystifying Synthetic Control Arms

What are synthetic control arms and what are the potential benefits to this clinical trial design? Read our ebook to learn more about this single-arm trial design, propensity score methods, Bayesian dynamic borrowing, and more.



Multiple Myeloma Research Benefits from Living Model SLR: A Case Study

A pharmaceutical company looking to evaluate the potential impact of surrogate endpoints on long-term clinical outcomes in multiple myeloma needed an SLR in just two months for the research to support reimbursement submissions. Read our position paper to learn how Cytel’s experts used LiveSLR® to complete an SLR in time that met established HTA submission standards.



Optimizing Small Clinical Trials with Simulation-Guided Design: A Case Study

Smaller clinical trials can be optimized in significant ways using simulation-guided design. Read our case study to learn how Cytel’s experts helped a small biotech studying chronic pain reduce their trial time without sacrificing power.


Interested in learning more on clinical trial design and data science? Our Resources page contains dozens of complimentary publications, webinars, case studies, and more. Click below to access this incredible resource:


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