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Advances in HEOR: An Interview with Anna Forsythe

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After twenty years in pharma, Anna Forsythe was frustrated by traditional vendors who used outdated methods to prepare sponsors for the complex and high-stakes game of HTA submissions. She envisioned a new consultancy where experienced market researchers would collaborate with expert health economists, to recognize the unique value of every submission.

So began Purple Squirrel Economics. As Anna explains, every HTA Submission is a purple squirrel, a task unique in its own right that has never been seen before. While there might be similarities with other HTA submissions, a general template for submissions should be avoided when a boutique consultancy like PSE is available.

PSE recently joined Cytel’s global HEOR consultancy, enabling it to expand its work in Europe and the United Kingdom. Here Anna discussed the benefits of a global boutique consultancy, and reflects on the new and exciting projects that PSE can now work on as a part of this collaboration.




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