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Real World Evidence

Cytel RWE uses advanced quantitative techniques to transform real world data into actionable insights which can help to guide a product’s development cycle. Thanks to our expertise and extensive network of partners, we are able to ensure that our clients are well prepared for regulatory submissions and successful at tapping into new markets.

From epidemiology, treatment patterns, and HCRU/cost studies to treatment adherence/persistence, patient preference, and post-approval safety studies, Cytel RWE experts provide data-driven insights that get your product into the hands of the patients who need them most. Our unrivalled knowledge of advanced analytics, robust methods and strategic innovation in research sets us apart. With expertise harnessing the power of data across a diverse array of international geographies, we balance scientific rigor with commercial awareness to provide you with the evidence you need to launch new products, overcome regulatory hurdles and achieve payer approval. 

Database Studies

Retrospective databases are an important data source for outcomes research, however they pose unique methodological challenges. The Cytel RWE team possesses a wide array of experience performing retrospective database studies on treatment patterns, comparative effectiveness and safety, among other themes.

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Medical Chart Reviews

Medical chart reviews (MCRs) can help to identify key variables if existing databases do not provide the required level of detail. Cytel RWE develops and conducts MCRs in all major markets. Our unique technical and legal infrastructure ensures generation of representative, high-quality data within short timelines.

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Linked Database Studies

Policy makers, clinicians and researchers are demonstrating increasing interest in using data linked from multiple sources to support measurement of clinical performance, patient-reported outcomes and health-economic outcomes.

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Our scientific surveys help to measure a variety of factors including: a patient’s health-related quality of life, his or her therapeutic preferences and/or adherence to prescribed treatment.

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Strategic RWE projects

Our strategic capacity, detailed knowledge of regulatory/HTA requirements and keen familiarity working across a wide range of clinical indications makes us an ideal partner for strategic RWE projects.

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Why Cytel RWE?


The Cytel RWE team takes pride in providing tailored, flexible, fit-for-purpose solutions which are focused on our client’s needs. We are one of the largest RWE groups in the industry, but with the flexibility and commitment you would expect from a much smaller company. 

Our network of databases include unique and exclusive access to data globally which is ideal for enabling multi-country studies. We have unique capabilities and analytical frameworks to plan and conduct database studies and other types of RWE studies such as medical chart reviews and/or surveys. All our RWE studies are based on a portfolio of analytical methods such as synthetic control group comparisons, advanced matching techniques, time to event endpoints and difference in difference analyses, time-dependent independent variables, and latent class analyses in DCE studies.