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Virtual Careers Open Day at Cytel

Cytel’s Biostatistics and Statistical Programming team provides integrated solutions, by blending the expertise of programming and experience of statistics. Being a notable Functional Services Provider (FSP) in the industry, we take pride in supporting our clients as they navigate the intricacies of 21st century drug development. As our FSP division continues to grow, we are looking to hire programmers and biostatisticians. Cytel's recruitment and FSP teams are hosting a one hour long Virtual Careers Open Day on Thursday, September 10th at 11:00AM EDT. Join us to learn more about our expanding FSP team, open career opportunities and what it means to be part of Cytel. Click on the button to register for the virtual event.


At Cytel, our programmers create customized tables, optimized for unique study designs. Solid statistical data analysis depends on careful planning and a statistician is involved throughout the lifespan of a project. Cytel’s biostatisticians work with clients to determine methods for collecting, analyzing and presenting data while maintaining compliance with regulatory guidelines.

A career at Cytel FSP provides opportunities to be involved in unrivaled biostatistics and operations research projects to improve drug development success rates, crucial for human welfare.

Cytel focuses on using innovative applications of statistical science and adaptive clinical trial design. We are at the cutting edge of biostatistics, technology and human ingenuity and our people are passionate about driving healthcare forward.

“At Cytel, we organize our (data) strategy, not by phases, but by a whole clinical development program. We use many tools and all our strategies are well defined. At the onset of any project, the challenge you face as a leader is to ensure that everything is extremely organized. You cannot afford to waste time and efficiency by not taking advantage of the context of the development programs that have already been built. This philosophy followed here at Cytel is something that I had not experienced in the past.”

- Marc Lefebvre-Gouy, Statistical Programmer

Read the whole interview with Marc here.

At Cytel’s Virtual Careers Open Day, meet and hear our story from Corey Dunham, Global Head, FSP, Francis Kendall, Vice President, FSP and Jayshree Garade, Associate Director, Statistical Programming, who will discuss:

  • Why you should choose Cytel as the next step up in your career
  • How Statistical Programmers and Biostatisticians are closer to cutting edge science at Cytel than at other technology enabled service providers
  • Training opportunities in new software and programming languages like R
  • A personal success story on how a career at Cytel has opened doors for career advancement

Click on the button to register for the event and please feel free to share this invite with any colleagues in the industry who would be interested in learning about a rewarding career in FSP at Cytel.


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