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Podcast: Enhancing Patient Enrollment Forecasting with EnForeSys 2.0



EnForeSys is Cytel’s tool for patient recruitment planning. We have discussed on the blog recently with Tufts University's Center for the Study of Drug Development, Ken Getz, the problem the industry continues to face with patient recruitment, and the fact that most trials significantly exceed their original planned duration. In the face of this problem there's a pressing need to create more realistic plans and scenarios. To achieve this, EnForeSys models the enrollment process and then assigns probabilities for various scenarios.

In this blog, we share a podcast feature with Cytel’s Charles Liu, Senior Product Manager. In this audio interview, Charles highlights some of the key industry painpoints that EnForeSys addresses, and walks the listener through the new capabilities that have been revealed in EnForeSys 2.0

Listen to the 5 minute podcast and learn:
 - How feasibility experts are currently using EnForeSys to improve their patient enrollment forecasting
 - How customer feedback has impacted the new features in EnForeSys 2.0
 - What’s next for EnForeSys?




Learn More
Interested in learning more about enrollment forecasting? Download our complimentary whitepaper- The Model-Based Approach:A Better Way to Forecast Enrollment. 



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