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Synthetic Control Arms: Leveraging Real-World Data for Comparison in Single-Arm Trials

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Single-arm trials, unlike placebo-controlled randomized control trials, forgo the use of a placebo or standard-of-care as a control and establish clinical benefit by demonstrating the effects of a new therapy or treatment via comparison with a synthetic control arm (SCA) derived from external sources. This alternative approach leverages real-world data from various sources or evaluations of historical trial data for the sake of comparison. The use of SCA has enabled investigators to leverage combined data from uncontrolled single-arm trials and post-market studies to create much smaller trials.

Our newly updated eBook, “Demystifying Synthetic Control Arms,” delves into this topic and covers:

  • An introduction to synthetic control arms
  • Propensity scoring methods
  • Bayesian dynamic borrowing
  • A case study on non-small cell lung cancer
  • Questions to ask if you are considering a choice between placebo-controlled and single-arm trials

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