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Need for Technology Solutions to Support Computationally

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are under pressure to deliver more and deliver faster with fewer resources. The cost of drug development, failure rate and human cost associated with prolonged participation in a trial turn out to be steep in case of an ineffective trial. As the industry seeks new levels of clinical trial efficiency and probability of success, more companies are looking to use advanced, innovative and computationally intensive designs like Bayesian methods.

Bayesian methods are of growing interest to the drug development industry, as they allow clinical investigators to leverage historical trial data as well as learnings from new data as it accrues throughout a trial. The result is better-informed decision making, greater program flexibility, and the ability to run smaller, more resource-efficient trials.

As trial designers turn to open-source or home-grown trial design solutions to meet the demands of modern drug development, they experience a range of challenges, from a lack of user-friendliness and quality control, to difficulty accessing the computational power needed to deploy these complex methods. Publicly available solutions often rely on unverified bespoke coding, which can introduce risks as well as time investment to clinical programs.

Underpowered, on-premise deployment models limit access to innovation and cannot support the most computationally intensive designs. Additionally, many biostatisticians may not readily have access to the cloud computing power to make these design approaches practical within the time constraints afforded for statistical design. Moreover, a software package that requires an installation process involves the labor-intensive task of manually upgrading individual workstations.

Accelerated access to verified, sustainable innovation

East AlloyTM is a web-native extension of Cytel’s world-renowned East® software for adaptive clinical trial design and analysis. By leveraging the speed of cloud computing and the pace of SaaS delivery, East Alloy enables easy implementation of computationally intensive Bayesian methods that may be otherwise impractical. Reinforced by industry-leading verification, training, and support from Cytel experts, means users can sustainably adopt Bayesian designs to expedite clinical development and overcome uncertainty without compromising scientific rigor.

With East Alloy, our users can leverage the power of cloud computing anytime and anywhere with virtually no IT burden as it is a robust zero-install software with the velocity of the cloud. Backed by Cytel verification, maintenance, and support, East Alloy users can trust adaptive methodologies today and sustain them into the future.

Watch the on demand webinar by Pantelis Vlachos, Principal/Strategic Consultant at Cytel, introducing East Alloy and detailing how it can be used to easily apply innovative techniques and conduct complex Bayesian and Frequentist study designs.

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