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The Top Most-Read Posts of 2023

What a year! Perspectives has explored a myriad of topics this year within clinical development — from adaptive trial design to advice on regulatory submission to clinical data best practices, and so much more — all written by our many expert authors.

As we approach the end of the year, take a look at our most-read articles of 2023:


  1. It’s Time to Move, Time to Move to Define-XML 2.1
  2. FDA Guidance on the Design and Conduct of Externally Controlled Trials — What to Watch
  3. The Facts in the Case of Subject X
  4. How to Create and Optimize a Clinical Development Plan
  5. Aligning Clinical Trial Design with Investment Priorities
  6. Embracing Innovation: Exploring the Design of Umbrella and Basket Trials
  7. How to Ensure Your Adaptive Trial Is Appropriate for Regulatory Submission
  8. Adaptive Multi-Arm Multi-Stage Designs: A Comparison of Methods
  9. Scott Gaines on the Power of Simulation-Guided Design to Handle Increasingly Complex Clinical Trials
  10. How Target Trial Emulation Can Take the Guesswork Out of Comparative Effect Estimates in Medicare Drug Price Negotiation
  11. Presenting Clinical Data for Regulatory Submission: A Stats Perspective
  12. Writing a Successful Study Protocol for Real-World Evidence Studies
  13. Comparative Effectiveness: Methods and Techniques for Better Decision-Making
  14. New FDA Guidelines on Pediatric Studies and Potential Effects on Opportunities for Market Exclusivity
  15. New CADTH Guidance on RWE Is Now Available, but Critical Aspects Are Still Missing
  16. Dynamic Bayesian Borrowing to Bolster Limited Sample Sizes in Rare Indications
  17. Bayesian Strategies in Rare Diseases
  18. Preparing Your Integrated Summaries of Safety and Effectiveness: Best Practices
  19. Real-Life Data-Sharing and EU Joint Clinical Assessments: Is Closing this Chasm a Mission Impossible?
  20. Can RWE Help Restore Decades of Health Inequalities? Yes, and Here’s How


A big thank you to all of the authors represented in these posts: Ari Brettman (Blackstone Life Sciences), Louis Dron, Scott Gaines, Miguel Hernán (Harvard University), Åsa Holmgren, Vinusha Kalatharan, Florence Le Maulf, Emma Mackay, James Matcham, Cyrus Mehta, Evie Merinopoulou, Natalia Muehlemann, Iffat Rahman, Grammati Sarri, Jason Simeone, Angelo Tinazzi, and Pantelis Vlachos!


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