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Heather Struntz

Content Manager, Content Marketing

Heather Struntz is a writer and editor specializing in research publications. At Cytel, she is Content Manager, leading content strategy and production as well as graphics for Perspectives on Enquiry & Evidence. She has a long history as an editor of interdisciplinary academic journals and reports, most recently at the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. 


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Topics in Bayesian Statistical Methods

Bayesian methods have been playing a key role in transforming clinical research, and Bayesian topics are frequently..
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On Frequentist and Bayesian Sequential Clinical Trial Designs

In clinical trials, patient enrollment is often staggered, with data collected sequentially. When designing a clinical..
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Industry Voices: Dr. Parvin Fardipour on New Horizons in Data Science

In the following interview, Dr. Parvin Fardipour, Quantitative Strategies & Data Science, sits down with Heather..
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