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Cytel COVID Panel: Long-term Changes to Clinical Trials Due to the Pandemic


As we enter 2021 with new COVID-19 vaccines and greater optimism about the pipeline of drugs and devices positioned for approval, there remains the question of how this global pandemic has left permanent changes to clinical research and development. We know for example, that more clinical trials have become virtual and that decentralization is going to be a new challenge for clinical data management. Questions about equity and access have also arisen, with new ideas about how the pharmaceutical industry can contribute to greater equality. New quantitative models have also played an important role in expedited data analyses for prediction.

Next week Cytel is hosting a panel of biostatisticians who have in the past year, found themselves advising on urban policy, global health policy, and numerous other areas that build upon their expertise as industry statisticians. They will speak about this role of statisticians in the public sphere, new public-private sector partnerships arising from the pandemic, and lasting changes to the drug and device development as a consequence of coronavirus.

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