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The New Horizons Series: Adaptive Multi-arm Multi-stage Clinical Trials

September 29, 2020

Innovation in trial designs are offering new routes forward for organizations of any size. They are now also aligned with the overarching goals of improved clinical development, better pre-planning, greater patient safety, less medical waste, and/or increased knowledge.

Cytel is hosting "New Horizons Webinar Series" that will introduce biostatisticians to the latest innovations in statistical trial design. The first webinar in the series on Adaptive Multi-arm Multi-stage Clinical Trials is going to be presented by Cytel's President & Co-Founder, Cyrus Mehta. Click on the button to register.


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East Alloy: Accelerating the pace of innovation

September 17, 2020

Keeping up with the rapid pace of clinical development means that we need to adopt the innovative or computationally intensive designs like Bayesian methods. Yet, cutting edge technology can sometimes be difficult to assess or can introduce risk. Cytel’s new web-native extension of East, East AlloyTM, makes it practical and sustainable to adopt innovative and computationally intensive designs. Continue reading this blog to learn more.

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Adopt innovative and computationally intensive designs with East Alloy

August 31, 2020

Pantelis Vlachos, Principal, Strategic Consultant at Cytel, conducted a webinar to introduce the capabilities of East AlloyTM. East Alloy is a new East environment that enables rapid access to innovation with the trust and support you have come to expect from Cytel. The cloud-native software makes it practical to apply computationally intensive Bayesian methods. Download the brochure to learn more.

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This blog is a part of the new blog series on technology and Bayesian decision-making by Pantelis. Continue reading to learn about the methods and capabilities, such as, Bayesian meta-analytic priors, Bayesian MAMS, adaptive dose-finding and others, available to all East Alloy users. 

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Access Sustainable, Verified Innovation with East Alloy

July 22, 2020

Cytel brings to you a new blog series on technology and Bayesian decision-making by Pantelis Vlachos, Principal/Strategic Consultant for Cytel. In his inaugural post Pantelis walks us through the features and benefits of our new offering, East Alloy™. East Alloy™ is a web-based extension of East for clinical trial design that blends the pace of SaaS delivery, the ease of use and robustness of Cytel software, and the velocity of cloud-based computing. Gain some behind-the-scenes insights into the development of this new module and understand how your company can leverage East Alloy to conduct computationally intensive designs with ease, confidence, and speed.

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4 Things You Need to Know about COVID-19 Trial Designs

May 22, 2020

The Cytel Trial Tracker now features summary plots that display trials by country, trial status and study design. This enables us to take a deeper dive into patterns of trial design in COVID-19 studies. This blog post explores the use of single-arm studies, numbers of multiarm studies, and more.

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