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Cytel East®

As the character of the pharmaceutical industry changes, the need to create innovative clinical trials that de-risk uncertainty and optimize statistical design brings several advantages.

The rise in the number of such adaptations also increases the ability for statistical design to be tailored to the needs of a specific trial, thereby keeping patients safe and increasing the speed of new medicines to market. 
Used by statisticians worldwide for over 30 years, East® is the leading software tool for designing statistically optimized clinical trials. Designed by statisticians for statisticians, these are modules which deliver trusted results.

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About East®

East® provides users with a wide range of features, including sample size and power calculation tools, adaptive features planning, a trial monitoring dashboard, advanced simulations to test hypotheses before experimental implementation, and text-book-quality documentation and access to support from world-renowned statistical experts. 

East® has been developed by clinical study design experts to produce studies which best address the critical questions confronted by clinical trial sponsors. 

Over 14 existing modules can be accessed to create early and late phase trials, multi-arm clinical trial designs, adaptive enrichment trials, and more. East® also provides intuitively organized tasks and workflows to further enhance productivity. 

Trusted and validated for over 30 years, East® has been used to design countless clinical studies performed in industry, government, and academia. By using East®, clinical trial designers can be confident they have the right design for their next clinical trial. 



Powerful simulation tools that allow comparison of promising clinical trial designs.



East Users enjoy easy access to adaptive designs, group sequential designs, Bayesian methods and countless other leading innovative clinical trials.



Opportunities to refine superior clinical trial designs for scientifically rigorous studies using validated software.



Popular tools for fixed-sample clinical trials.


Strategic testing of multiple endpoints


Tools for group sequential clinical trials with normal or binormal endpoints


Tools for group sequential clinical trials with survival endpoints


Predict future course of trial at outset and interim analysis


Wide selection of model-based adaptive designs for Phase 1 dose escalation studies.


Tools for small sample clinical trials with binomial endpoints.


Multi-arm multi-stage clinical trials


Allow for sample size re-estimation in trials with survival endpoints


Design through simulation


Multiple Comparison Procedure Modeling for Phase 2 dose-finding studies


Tools for multi-arm fixed-sample clinical trials.


Allow for sample size re-estimation in trials with normal and binomial endpoints. 


Allow for population enrichment in trials with survival endpoints.

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