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With East Hosted, you can access the East suite when you need it. Welcome to our new hosted, subscription-based service.

Benefits and Features

Powered by Cytel

  • More than 30 years of Excellence in Statistics
  • Comprehensive Software, Services, and Training
  • Pioneers in Adaptive Trial Design Software

Industry Flagship CTS Software

  • Simplifying Trial Design
  • Advancing the Use of Complex Innovative Trial Designs (CID)
  • Complying with FDA CID Guidances
  • Adapting to your CSE Framework

Clear Communication

  • Compelling Designs
  • Powerful Simulations
  • Customizable Data Visualizations
  • Expert Advice for the DMC
  • Shared in Real-time

Flexible Power

  • On Demand Cloud Computing powered
  • Fastest Available Generation of Multiple Adaptive Designs
  • Sensitivity Analysis for Robustness

Trusted Results

  • Fit for Purpose
  • Used to Design Countless Clinical Trials
  • Validated


  • Sample size and power calculations
  • Monitoring Interim Trail Data
  • Determine Trial Success Probability
  • Adaptive Simulations under Multiple Scenarios
  • Proven and Published Methodologies
  • Better Trial Designs, Better Trial Outcomes
  • Text-book Quality Manuals
  • World-renowned statistical experts
  • Advanced Consulting Services

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