Advanced Dose Escalation without Complexity
with East® ESCALATE

Modern Dose Escalation Trials with East® ESCALATE

East® ESCALATE is the new East software module to design, simulate, and operationally support Phase 1 dose escalation trials in determining maximum-tolerated dose (MTD).

Adding to the traditional 3+3 design, East® ESCALATE includes the modified Toxicity Probability Interval (mTPI) method, the Continual Reassessment Method (CRM), and the Bayesian Logistic Regression Model (BLRM).


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Webinar Replay: East® ESCALATE Dose Escalation Designs Demo

Cytel Consulting’s Pantelis Vlachos demonstrates modern Phase 1 dose escalation trial design with the new East module. Case studies of actual oncology trial designs help to illustrate application.

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Recent studies show that nearly 93% of trials in oncology eventually fail. East ESCALATE now enables all Phase 1 oncology trials to benefit from the increased accuracy of Bayesian methods.

East ESCALATE simplifies the use of advanced statistical calculations allowing trial designers to apply the Continual Reassessment Method (CRM), the modified Toxicity Probability Interval (mTPI), and the Bayesian Logistic Regression Model (BLRM) with the same ease and frequency as traditional 3+3 designs.

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The addition of the East ESCALATE module means East 6.3 delivers a comprehensive package for all phases of oncology trial designs.

Statisticians can communicate findings to their team by accessing East’s intuitive graphs and charts, and powerful simulations.


  • Traditional rule-based algorithms for ease of use (3+3)
  • Continuous Reassessment Methods (mCRM; Goodman et al. 1995)
  • Modified Toxicity Probability Model (mTPI; Ji et al. 2010)
  • Bayesian Logistic Regression Model (BLRM; Neuenschwander et al. 2008)