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Refocus your Enrollment to the Sub-population of Interest with ENRICH

Limited patient populations that result in small study sample sizes is typically seen as the key difficulty associated with the development of therapies for rare diseases. Other hurdles often present when studying rare diseases include uncertainties around disease history, target patient profiles, and the existence of appropriate comparators. Further complications may arise when developing novel therapies and disease targets where the  choices of the most appropriate primary endpoint(s) is  unknown or not well established.

In this webinar, the speaker will provide examples of clinical development issues and possible solutions from studies in rare diseases, including rare cancers.

Natasa Rajicic

Meet the Speaker

Natasa Rajicic

Natasa Rajicic is the Executive Director of Biometrics at Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals in Pasadena, CA. Until recently, Natasa was a Senior Principal at Cytel, where she helped clients explore and apply innovative study designs and address complex clinical development issues. 

Prior to Cytel, Natasa was at Pfizer in New York, where she led a team of statisticians responsible for late-stage endocrine products, providing statistical review of due diligence evaluations and co-development projects with external partners, oversaw statistical input on regulatory responses related to new or supplemental submissions, label extensions and safety.

Earlier in her career, Natasa was a statistician on Phase 2-3 clinical trials at the Center for Biostatistics in AIDS Research at Harvard School of Public Health in Boston. 

Natasa teaches a course in Research Design at the Columbia University’s Applied Analytics graduate program.

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