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Medical Chart Reviews

Medical chart reviews (MCRs) can help identify key variables if existing databases do not provide the required level of detail. Cytel RWE plans and runs MCRs in all major markets. Our unique technical and legal infrastructure ensures generation of representative high-quality data within short timelines.

Health technology assessment agencies prefer real-world evidence to be based on local data. For a variety of reasons, the required data might not be available in existing databases. In these cases, Cytel RWE offers a welcome solution: we conduct medical chart reviews within a specific content-related and legal framework that ensures acceptance of data by all stakeholders.

Thanks to our extensive network of partners, Cytel RWE has access to both outpatient and inpatient patient charts in key markets all around the world. Whether used separately or in combination with other data sources (like prospective surveys), medical chart reviews can help to identify:

• Clinical disease characteristics including mutation type
• Disease progression, survival and treatment response
• Prescribing patterns
• Health care resource utilization
• Burden of illness

At Cytel RWE, we are aware of the strengths of medical chart review studies and design our protocols with specific measures to minimize risk. In addition, Cytel RWE can also incorporate prospective data into chart reviews to provide a more holistic look into factors such as patient quality of life or treatment preferences


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